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This is a Kalt Jet Stream radio controlled helicopter in an inverted hover - this sort of manouvre is not for the faint hearted!!
At the 1995 World Championships for F3A Aerobatics, Christophe Le Rox ended his demo flight with this low slow roll from inverted to upright for landing.


The International Aerobatic Club (IAC) is an international organisation which promotes the flying of full size aerobatics. The New Zealand arm of this group hosts several competitions throughout the year. Parallel to these organisations, the International Miniture Aerobatic Club (IMAC) publishes aerobatic schedules to be flown by scale models of full size aerobatic aircraft. These models are typically 1/3 scale and may be seen at the many IMAC contests in New Zealand.

Pattern (or precision aerobatics) is an aeromodelling disipline involving the flying of a set of complex aerobatic manouvers with a highly developed radio controlled aerobatic aircraft.

Radio control Helicopters are a fascinating concept. In New Zealand the Radio Control Helicopter Technical Committee is a good source of information on activities in your area. There is also an electronic Helicopter Magazine available.

Here in New Zealand the New Zealand Model Aircraft Association (NZMAA) governs aeromodeling activities.

The Steen Skybolt is a good home built aerobatic plane. This example was based in Dunedin until recently.



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